Trail Run with Obstacles & Tests


Barn Yard TROT

About The T.R.O.T.

The Barn Yard TROT – Trail Run with Obstacles & Tests is going to be a unique race. Located in the scenic countryside of Union County North Carolina, on a 73 acre horse ranch.  We’re integrating the fun of a mud-run with the daily challenges and activities of your average farmer or ranch owner.

A 5Km trail run with 12 obstacles and 5 tests.

This event will test you both physically and mentally!

Quick Details

EVENT DATE: 10/29/16



-1551Days -3Hours -55Minutes -43Seconds

Full Event Details and Activities

Fun, Fit, Family oriented event – participants race solo or in teams of up to 6 people, single or mixed gender, across a 5Km course through a horse ranch, combating mental and physical obstacles along the way.

Read all about the Course Overview here.

There are over 12 physical obstacles, requiring participants to jump, climb, swing, crawl, slide and hang-out.

But this is not your regular old obstacle/mud run.

We will have 5 mental tests, all of which will challenge your memory, problem solving skills and ability to focus under pressure.  You’ll collect clues and bonus points for speed and accuracy as you complete the course.

Read all about the Obstacles & Tests here.


Event Format:

  • Groups of 6 Participants will tackle the course every minute starting from 09:00am each morning (car park opens at 08:00am).
  • These may be solo runners, or teams of up to 6 people, of mixed or single gender.
  • There will be a physical obstacle approximately every 400m, that’s 12 obstacles over the 5Km course.
  • There will also be 4 mental tests, approximately every 1Km. The faster you complete each test, the more points you get.  You’ll also receive a clue to help you solve and unlock the 5th and final test right before you cross the finish line!

Event Fee:

  • $55.00 valid now through 8/31/2016.
    • $45.00 if you’ve got the Coupon Code from FaceBook!!!
  • $45.00 Labor Day Weekend Sale, valid now through 9/5/2016.
  • $65.00 valid 9/6/2016 through 9/18/2016.
    • $45.00 if you’ve got the $20 Off coupon code…
  • Registration Closed: 9/22/2016. If you have any questions please eMail us.
  • No Event Day Registration.
  • There are no hidden fees, no processing fees, no insurance fees, no parking fees and no spectator fees.
    (although we will need spectators to travel in the same vehicle as participants to limit the overall vehicle volume, and environmental effects).

What you get:

  • Race Entry.
  • Race Parking Pass.
  • Race Insurance.
  • Race Tee.
  • Race Medal.
  • Race After Party.
  • An Awesome Time!

With over 12 physical challenges/obstacles to overcome, you’ll need strength, stamina and determination.  You’ll have to be able to walk, run, hop, skip, climb, jump, swing and slide, as fast as you can to make it to the finish line.

But unlike any other regular “mud run”, it’s not just “brawn” that’ll get you to the finish and the podium position in this race, you are also going to need some “brain”.

With 4 mental challenges/tests along the way, we’ll see if you can remember your Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths from your schooling days.  Can you keep your mental focus under pressure?  Completing the mental test will not only give you time bonuses, they’ll also give you clues to the 5th and final test that you’ll have to complete before you can cross the finish line.  If not, you’re finish time will go on and on and on…

You never know, “brain” over “brawn” may win this race!

You’ll have to dig deep, physically and mentally, to finish the Barn Yard TROT.


Other Fun Activities:

  • Costume Competition – well it is Halloween weekend after all, so we’ll have great prizes for the best costumes, and you’ll have to finish the event in full costume of course.  As it’s also on a farm setting, we’re going to be flexible with our judgement, so anything from Country Western to Goolishly Scary will work!
  • Farmers Market – based on our venue, we couldn’t possibly have an event without supporting our local farmers who will have some of their finest produce available for sale.
  • Food Trucks – have you seen an event recently that doesn’t have a food truck?  Guess not, so we’re not going to be any different, we’ll have a selection of Food Trucks on-site each day.
  • Local Beer & Wine – we’ll have representatives from our locally owned and operated Brewerys and Vineyards, to let you sample their fine products.
  • Union County Animal Shelter again based on our overall theme, we thought it’d be appropriate to donate a percentage of our proceeds to the local organization Friends of the Union County Animal Shelter, and we hope you’ll also put your hand in your pocket, to give this great organization all the help it deserves.
  • Kids Activities hourly nature walks and trail hikes; short horseback excursions; balloon animal lessons and much much more.



My wife and I have over 50 years of combined experience participating in multi-sport events around the world: from Triathlons to Adventure Races; SkyDiving to ScubaDiving; Mountaineering to White Water Kayaking; Track & Field to Soccer; Horseback Riding to Rowing.

We’re not saying we’ve done it all, but we’ve seen a lot.

So we finally decided to put on our very own event.  Although we won’t be able to actually include ScubaDiving and Skydiving, to mention just a few of the sports from above, we do intend for this to be a fun and challenging event, both mentally and physically, for you and your team mates.

And it should also be a great day out for the rest of your family.